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Studio Lighting Sydney

Studio lighting is a specialty of your tutor Scott McGale, please take the time to see his work by clicking on this link. He is published in over 30 countries around the globe and currently shoots for Marie Claire magazine and others using his lighting skills.

He is offering a bespoke one-on-one session which will be tailored to your specific lighting needs. This is an opportuity to learn world class lighting techniques from a master of photography.

It will take you through how to approach shooting a particular subject in terms of:

  • what equipment you will need and how to use it
  • how you set up the shot
  • how to vary the lighting to get a different creative effect.

Topics covered are:

  • Fashion - with particular attention to styling
  • Creative Portraiture - make it hard and moody, or soft and bright
  • Still life

To do the session, you will need your camera with manual function, and your lighting equipment. Special arrangements can be made to hire studio flash if necessary.

NB: Please note that the cost for corporations is $150 per hour plus GST.

$120 / hour

What Will You Learn

During this one day course, you will learn:

  • How to set up a studio
  • Which equipment is needed
  • How to control flash heads
  • Lighting ratios
  • High key lighting
  • Low key lighting
  • What is a key light
  • How to make a white background
  • How to shoot tethered to a laptop


Dates & Availablity

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Please contact us to arrange your session.

Reviews Post a Review

I was recently lucky enough to undertake a one on one Studio Lighting session with Scott after receiving it as a gift from my wife.

The session was fantastic!  As an enthusiast photographer who has had a limited experience with lighting and is keen to not only understand the basic principles but also receive some excellent lasting advice from an experienced (and awarded) professional.

Following 2 phone discussions prior to the session and after talking through my equipment and experience to date, Scott tailored the sesion to my individual requirements to ensure that I could really benefit from our time together.

Scott not only made me feel extremely welcome at his studio but also made my wife feel extremely at ease in her first modelling gig. Joking aside, for the average person that may struggle to find a willing subject for the session, this was extremely valuable.

After 2 hours Scott left time to talk through any questions relating to upcoming projects and repeat anything that we covered but required further explanation and note taking.

I cannot recommend this session highly enough. If you're an enthusiast looking to take your work to the next level, especially if your work to date hasn't necessarily involved a significant amount of portraiture/lighting you will walk away desperate to set up your own studio.

Thanks again Scott.    Ollie

Jan 19