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Review: Mirrorless, Compact & DSLR Intro

Scott was very  thorough without over complicating things. He is clearly passionate about photography and that rubs off throughout the course. Scott makes a big effort to make you feel comfortable and free to ask any questions no matter how silly they may seem. A great course!  Bethany

Aug 18

A course is only as good as the person delivering it and today, we were lucky enough to have Scott McGale expanding our horizons on the art of photography. Anyone looking to increase their skills in taking photos specifically, switching your camera out of "auto", I highly recommend this course. Conducted in Circular Quay with complimentary perfect weather, no complaints from me., Thanks Scott for the excellent tuition provided and the follow up notes too.    Anthony

Jul 18

Great session - Scott was very patient and explained things clearly to our group. It was a detailed session and the tutor was very happy to share all of his knowledge (which is clearly considerable). Enjoyable and challenging morning, certainly worthwhile. Leah

Jun 17

Scott was punctual, patient and professional. A great initiation to photography covered at a fast pace. Scott was always there to check continually on our efforts and suggest changes in a very positive and enthusiastic way. Scott is a walking "camera manual" of knowledge, whatever your camera type and to get off auto onto manual was a first for me! A passionate professional who loves his career. A great experience thoroughly recommended. Barbara

Mar 16

We started out with a beautiful day on The Rocks foreshore in a small group, so the instructor was able to give each of us a clear hands-on explanation of every person's camera (and they were all different). Good explanations on getting the best results from our cameras while exploring the sights of areas near The Rocks. Would recommend the course to anyone wanting to get off 'auto' and explore a camera's true potential.  Kerrie

Feb 16

The teacher's instruction was clear and easy-to-undestand, and he was very patient and personal. Instruction was always followed with a a task that demonstrated the skills in using the camera. We were all looked after well. I would like to have a return visit when I have practised those moves we learnt. Excellent workshop.  Debbie

Dec 15

Absolutely loved it. Worth travelling from Newcastle for! Scott's instruction was simple and easy to follow with very useful tips. The hands-on nature of the course allowed Scott to impart his obviously considerable experience. The group size was perfect and not too big, and Scott was patient and helpful to everybody. Have already recommended this workshop to others.  Allan

Dec 15
This photography workshop was excellent and would suit anyone who wishes to learn how to use the manual, aperture priority and shutter priority modes of their DSLR. I really wish I'd done it years ago when I bought my camera. The instructor, Scott, was very knowledge and a good, patient teacher. We were lucky and had a small group of only two, making it almost a private lesson. Highly recommended. Benjamin
Apr 15
Our instructor was great. Scott had all the patience and experince to make this a great course! Christopher
Mar 15